Public relations is a strategic communication to exchange ideas

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.

pr Vienna consultancy firm brings people in the fields of journalism, public relations, and communications together, to exchange ideas and create an expert network

Top Expert in Quality Management 2021 & 2022

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, the CEO of EBC* L Arab World has been awarded as the „TOP EXPERT 2021 & 2022“ in the German-Speaking countries by the German Magazine „Erfolg“. The decision criteria are professional qualifications, publications, customer ratings, and years of experience. We congratulate Dr. Ibrahim on this valuable Award for the years 2021 & 2022.


are focused on decision-makers in


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Media in Europe & the Arab world.



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Who we are

PR-Vienna is a consultancy firm based in Vienna, Austria offering the following services: - CMS Consultancy Services, CMS Training Services, CMS Quality Auditing Services, and CMS Certification Services - The Academy of Vienna for Journalists, PR Students, and Media experts offers since 2004 Study Tour Services and specific PR workshops. The Academy offers cutting-edge PR management training, seminars, and coaching on business strategies, public relations, and communication issues, but first of all the very special program "Study Tour - Vienna".

What we do

- PR-Vienna offers the CMS Standard very specific services: CMS Consultancy Services, CMS Training Services, CMS Quality Auditing Services, and CMS Certification Services. Our intercultural consultancy team is the first choice, when it comes to the new challenges brought up by the recent changes in the Arab World and worldwide, facing also a completely new media environment. With The Academy of Vienna, we develop tailor-made workshops, coaching, and training activities for our clients according to their individual communication needs and industry backgrounds. Our unique program the "Study Tour - Vienna" is the most famous one in the Arab World


Press Release of AgencyExpert:

New, international, Vienna-based organization for the communications industry: launches an online platform for communications professionals

- Quality audits and internationally recognized agency certifications. - Networking across countries and agencies, exchange of know-how and coaching for agency executives - Finding and booking auditors, and coaches easily at (Read more)

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Save €40 and apply for the Study Tour 10 -17 September 2022

How to book your place on the next Study Tour:

1- Booking 

2. The application form shall be checked along with the submitted documents and the applicant shall be informed of the results of the examination of the documents by e-mail

3. The applicant can follow up on the statutes of the application in his/her own account after logging-in

4.  In case of rejection, the applicant will be notified via email.

5.  If the application is approved, the applicant will pay the cost of the trip and start the travel procedures.

6. Continue to communicate with the applicant to complete all procedures until reception by our delegate at Vienna International Airport.

عملية التقدم والحجز في الرحلة تدريبية

برجاء اتباع الخطوات بالترتيب لضمان نجاح الطلب

الحجز 1

يتم التحقق من استمارة الطلب مع الوثائق المقدمة ويتم إبلاغ مقدم الطلب بنتائج فحص الوثائق عن طريق البريد الإلكتروني


يمكن لمقدم الطلب متابعة نماذج الطلب في حسابه / حسابها الخاص بعد تسجيل الدخول

في حالة الرفض يتم إخطار مقدم الطلب عبر البريد الإلكتروني 4
في حالة الموافقة على الطلب ، سيدفع مقدم الطلب تكلفة الرحلة ويبدأ إجراءات السفر. 5
استمر في التواصل مع مقدم الطلب لاستكمال جميع الإجراءات حتى استقبال مندوبنا في مطار فيينا الدولي 6


Coaching and Business Consulting for Communications Agencies

Every executive in a communications agency sometimes needs – despite being a professional consultant on their own – an external view, a second opinion, or a competent business advisor. The communications industry is full of challenges, change, crisis, mergers & acquisitions, fast growth, shrinking, client troubles, talent war, etc. Read more

public relations

Set-up of Quality Management Systems

Every communications consultancy has its specific working methods, spirit, and style - it's very own "operating system". This is well needed and often seen as a unique asset, particularly in communications and the creative industry. Read more

Our vision

We intend to be the most specialized CMS Consultancy, Certification, and Training Service Provider in the Middle, and Near East for PR Agencies, PR Students, Journalists, and Media Experts. We want to be an innovative Consultancy and Training Service Provider to transfer knowledge with fun, entertaining, and intercultural connections. We want to offer Consultancy, Certification, and Training Services with added value and intensive expertise and knowledge. We want to use outstanding technologies, an extraordinary network of experts, and creative tools to enhance media development in Middle and Near East countries.

Audits, Certifications, Trust Seals

Huge differences in quality and black sheep in the market, entering headlines with doubtable working methods are problems that unsettle clients and shake the communications industry in many countries regularly. This all happens despite having international quality standards, guidelines, and ethical codices in place for a long time already. Such codices and guidelines help agency managers, and employees in the day-to-day business, and assist clients when searching for agency services. Read more

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring people in the fields of journalism & PR together, exchange ideas and create an expert network between Europe and Middle, and Near East Countries. Our desire is to enable young people in the fields to get connected and educated to use better tools and technologies in their countries to develop and enhance journalism & PR knowledge for the better development of their societies.