Study tour programme
July 12, 2017
August 28, 2017

Aims of the study tour and the programme in general

(c) Wien TourismusWhat to expect?

–      Participating Journalists get at the “Journalism & Democracy” study tour to Austria the opportunity, to personally learn about how the media landscape in Austria/Europe is organised, how media fulfil their control role in a democratic society and how NGOs and civil society are organised and interacting with independent media and political decision makers.

–      Participants get the opportunity to personally meet editors in chief of leading Austrian media, communication directors and PR experts of leading institutions, NGOs and agencies.

–      With that know-how transfer, we want to enable journalists of Arab World to involve themselves in their countries in structures and organisations to foster press freedom, democracy and an independent media industry in their countries.

–      The networking contacts established during the study tour shall also build the basis for future co-operations between institutions, media and journalists of Austria and Egypt and help to improve mutual understanding and inter-cultural communications in a long-term perspective.

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