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Coaching Sessions cover all CMS Standard Requirements in the Communication field, considering your desired Standard.

System Introduction, Implementation, and Applying of the CMS Standards.

Our consultant team will work with you to create the needed documentation that is easy to use and, above all, meets your needs and the needs of your customers to fulfill the specific CSM Standard Requirements. Through the targeted recording of your business processes, problem areas, and weaknesses, we discuss the points at which you must work or need training, or even GAP Analysis, etc., and in which areas you are already well-positioned.

Together, we develop measures that can bring you a step forward year after year. This guarantees continuous improvement in accordance with the CMS standard.

Through targeted preparation work, training, and workshops, we will show you how to progress steadily through your system to pass the Certification Audit easily. At the end of your consultation, you hold a complete system in your hands with which you can cope in everyday life.

Preparation for the certification audit according to the specific PR Standard CMS:
As part of our coaching and workshops, our consultants explain what you exactly need to consider during the Certification Audit and prepare the company documentation and the team member specifically for the certification body’s audit. However, should anything go wrong during the audit, we will assist you in processing the identified deviations, if any.
The success rate is very high due to this targeted preparation, and it is very unlikely that you will fall through the certification audit.
We recommend and work only with certification bodies that are also accredited by the state-accredited body, TUV AUSTRIA, and ICCO, the International Communications Consultancy Organisation.
Of course, even after successful certification, it is important to continue the system documentation. As professional consultants, it goes without saying that we also look after our customers throughout the year and support them with open questions and all needed means. We are always here for you and are also happy to provide you with an external quality management representative who will help you anytime with the implementation of your system problems.

Preparation for monitoring and recertification audits: After the certification audit
If you have any difficulties with the implementation of the corrective actions or in preparation for the surveillance and the recertification audits, we are always at your disposal with help and advice.
We are happy to assist you in the implementation of the annual internal audit.
Since all our consultants are also trained as external auditors and international lead auditors, you are in the best of hands in this area.

Compliance consultancy:
Our team is ready to provide consultation to support the needs of your CMS process-based system. We are ready to work with you to ensure we significantly improve your current operations and exceed your expectations. We are ready to work on projects of any size and look forward to the opportunity to build a long-term strategic partnership.

For questions regarding our consultancy services, please contact us: [email protected]

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