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  • 1-10 Trainees CMS Internal Auditor = €1500 instead of €2000 per person
  • 11-20 Trainees CMS Internal Auditor = €1400 instead of €1900 per person
  • 1-10 Trainees ISO9001 Internal Auditor = €1500 instead of €2000 per person
  • 11-20 Trainees ISO9001 Internal Auditor = €1400 instead of €1900 per person

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We cover all aspects of the PR Standard CMS, offering in-house and structured specific training sessions.

You define the needs for action and the implementation of the specific CMS International Standard for Communications,
We deliver specialized Training Sessions which are Ideal for quality assistants, quality officers, quality managers, internal auditors, external auditors, top managers, company owners, project managers, and entrepreneurs.

Quality Management CMS& ISO 9001: Courses & Certificates from Austria.
Are you interested in further education or consultancy on quality management ISO 9001 and/or CMS Standards“?

Today, quality management is indispensable neither for production nor for service provision. Systematic quality management creates a positive trait for the customers and confidence in the expected quality of your products and services. Therefore, quality management helps you reduce costs and avoid unnecessary costs and is also an important argument in marketing.

Besides the Training Sessions in General Quality Management, we also offer PR Specific Quality Management Training Sessions covering all the CMS Standard Requirements in the communications field.

In-house Training / Internal Training

We design training for your specific PR Needs, for instance in case you are preparing for the CMS Certification. We involve using the company’s own expertise and resources. It’s highly specific and geared toward employees learning the ropes of your business. We conduct the training virtually, at your location, or at an outside venue.

Quality Management training & courses at your location can also be booked for in-house sessions. This variant is available if you would like to have several employees undergo a seminar at the same time. The advantage of this model is that we come to you in the company and respond to your company-specific problems suburb. Likewise, as a company, you save costs that you normally incurred for expenses and overnight stays of your employees at the seminar location

We also offer these sessions:

  • Exclusively for your company
  • Absolutely practical workshops – tailored to your needs
  • Flexible in terms of time, location, and content

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