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July 12, 2017
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July 12, 2017

Social Media Relations

In the world of “private” journalists, everyone is a mass medium, and can thus affect your reputation.On Twitter people can tell their followers about positive encounters with your business. At a shareholder meeting they might film your speech with their mobile and put it up on YouTube. Being devoted customers, they might run a website for all your other fans. And whenever they discover a scandal, they will pull out the carpet from under you feet.

“They” can be your employees, your customers, your fans, your critics, and everyone else with access to the Internet.

We know how to use this potential for your business or your institution, how to talk to “private” journalists who update their blogs on the move, how to communicate in social networks where opinions are formed even before TV crews produce their report on the matter. And we also know what to do when our client becomes the victim of an online trash campaign

For our clients, we …

  • develop social media strategies,
  • monitor the evolution of opinions on the Internet,
  • build stable, long-term relationships with opinion formers in online communities,
  • train clients’ staff on how to manoeuvre through online media,
  • “seed” activities and messages in the relevant communities,
  • detect incorrect information early enough to contain the damage they might cause.


Workshop Example 3: Social Media Relations

Target audience: CEOs, marketing and communication executives of companies and institutions

Workshop results:

Participants of this workshop learn, …

  • …  about the importance of social media for their working area.
  • … how to use Social Media in a day-to-day context.
  • … about pros and cons of different social media platforms
  • … how to hands-on use the most important social media platforms
  • … plan and implement social media campaigns.


  • What is Social media about?
  • Practical usage of Social Media
  • How Social Media change our society
  • What Social Media mean for companies and state institutions
  • Challenges for media relations
  • Do-it-yourself: Facebook, Twitter, Wikis and Blogs „hands-on“
  • Tools and Websites
  • Trends and Visions




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