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July 12, 2017
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July 12, 2017

Tourism communications

The key to success in the tourism industry is to make friends with strangers.

With our help, the Egyptian Tourism Authority achieved a rise of 75% in the number of visitors from Austria within three years – and this through PR activities only. The award-winning school competition “Austria discovers Egypt” increased the public presence of the country in Austria, while at the same time raising cultural awareness and reducing prejudices.

For Vienna as a tourist destination, a new future-oriented market position was developed together with specialists of Fleishman-Hillard, our international network.

As part of a global Fleishman-Hillard assignment, we serviced British Airways in Austria.

We support First Mallorca, a leading real estate agency on the Balearic Islands, with regard to positioning, in cooperations with tourism organisations, and through media work for an increased presence on the Austrian market.

We have taken on on a variety of assignments for Vamed Vitality World, Austria’s leading spa operator, ranging from public relations for the whole group, to communication for the construction site of a new resort.

Reference clients in the tourism sector

  • British Airways
  • First Mallorca (real estate)
  • Therme Wien
  • Vamed Vitality World
  • Egypt Air
  • Egypt Tourism Authority
  • Hapimag
  • Helnan International Hotels
  • Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa (United Arab Emirates)
  • Vienna Tourism


Workshop Example 2: Successful (re-)positioning of Tourism destinations with strategic PR

Target audience: CEOs, marketing and communication executives of tourism destinations
(countries, regions, hotel groups, etc.)

Workshop goals:

  • The workshop presents its participants facts & figures, success stories and
    new ways of PR activities for tourism destinations.
  • It helps PR and marketing executives from other regions to better understand
    how the European media landscape and travellers can be reached most
  • Participants are getting insights of successfully implemented cutting-edge
    PR activities targeting trade, general public and new media.
  • Existing concrete communication goals/problems/issues of the
    client/participants can be discussed with international speakers/experts
    during and after the workshops.
  • This will lead to precious inputs for new PR programmes and help solving
    existing problems in the field of communications.

Content / seminar programme (example):

  • How to get a better share of voice media being just a part in the landslide
    of different destination PR?
  • How to change a (negative) destination image and how to handle crisis in the
    tourism industry?
  • How to deal with Social media? (success stories, do’s and don’t’s)
  • How to get guest/travellers to report positively about their trip?
  • How to reach media which normally don’t report about tourism topics?
  • How to differ your communication from that what everybody else does?


  • The entire workshop content, trade focus, all presented examples, and the
    methods used, will be tailor-made to the needs of the company/client booking
    the workshop.
  • Depending on the number of participants (3 to max. 20 suggested) keynote
    presentations, small working groups, brainstorming or panel discussion are


  • Get information of and personal access to international / European tourism,
    social media and crisis communications experts who have successfully handled
    PR activities for destination countries, hotel chains, sightseeing venues
    and different airlines.
  • Get insight an information of prooven successful PR activities
  • Discuss your communication challenges in a new environment to get
    strategical and practical inputs for your day-to-day work.

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