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July 12, 2017
Study tour programme
July 12, 2017

2017 Study Tour “Journalism and Democracy” to Vienna, Austria

The pilot project “Journalism and Democracy 2012” was such a huge success, that there will be a second Study Tour this year. Not only did the project gain international attention, it also won four national and international PR prices and was nominated several times. As the participants of the first Study Tour highly profited from this project and there were many inquiries to give the project a follow up, it was decided to continue the project in 2017.

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Background information on our programme

Due to the the Arab spring and the happenings in the last years, the media landscape in the Arab world has been changing enormously. A large amount of new and free media were emerging and disappearing again – from newspapers, to blogs and other online initiatives like youtube channels or facebook pages.

This move in the media landscape – driven by a new generation of journalists – also influenced the political changes of these countries.

Many of the newly founded media are maintained or led by young and engaged journalists, who had had no possibility in their life so far, to work in a free media landscape and a pluralistic, open society.

We want to help independent journalists of Arab world countries to get international contacts and knowledge. We want you to be able to work successfully and to create new journalistic standards for a free and democratic journalism in your countries.

With our study tour, by offering information and training opportunities as well as contacts to established Austrian journalists and media houses, we can help journalists of Arab countries to faster reach their goal.

The study tour and training programme “Journalism and Democracy” has been initiated by the renowned Austrian Public Relations agency “The Skills Group”. It is organised in co-operation and under the patronage of the Austrian Federal Press Service, the independent media club “Concordia”, the Austrian Industrial Organisation and other institutional partners.

The study tour will be organised especially for journalists from Egypt in August 2017.

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